• CHARGES: Two DUI’S in 4 months.
    FACING: 2 years in Jail. Possible felony.
    FACTS: Blood Alcohol 4x the Legal Limit
  • CHARGES: Attempted Murder
    FACING: 15 years to Life
  • CHARGES: 2 DUI’S and 2 accidents in 2 months.
    FACING: 2 years in county jail.
  • CHARGES: 3rd Offense DUI.
    FACING: 1 Year in Jail, Ignition Interlock. Fines.
    RESULT: Charges DISMISSED. No Jail. No fines.
  • CHARGES: Felony assault, criminal threats.
    FACING: 6 years in Prison.
    COURT: Client facing 2 strikes.
    RESULT: Charges DISMISSED. No Jail.
  • CHARGES: Felony drugs for Sale.
    FACING: 6 Years in Prison.
    FACTS: Client w/drugs, scales and cash.
    RESULT: Charges DISMISSED. No jail.
  • CHARGES: DUI. Refusal allegation.
    FACING: License Suspension for 1 year.
    FACTS: Client had 12 pack then gets refusal.
    RESULT: License SAVED.
    FACING: 3 Years in Prison. 3 year License Susp.
    FACTS: Major accident. High B.A.C.
  • CHARGES: Assault w/deadly weapon.
    FACING: 1 Year Jail. 1 Year Counseling. Fines.
    FACTS: Flashlight on neighbor
    RESULT: Charges DISMISSED Prior to Trial.
  • CHARGES: Embezzlment, 11 felony counts.
    FACING: 5 years in prison. Huge Fines.
    FACTS: $35K in theft over 1 year.
    RESULT: 10 days community labor. DISMISSAL in 3 years.
  • CHARGES: Robbery. Felony Assault. Threats.
    FACING: 3 Strikes. Over 20 years in Prison.

Norwalk Criminal Defense Attorney, Norwalk Criminal Defense Lawyer - Anthony A. Arzili

If you are facing criminal charges in Norwalk, and you are looking for an Honest, Aggressive and Experienced attorney, you’ve come to the right place.
Norwalk Criminal Defense Attorney Anthony A. Arzili has devoted his practice to Criminal Defense.  While some attorneys dabble in many areas of law, Attorney Anthony A. Arzili specializes exclusively in criminal defense.  Handling only Criminal Defense matters allows Attorney Anthony Arzili to know this specialized area of law inside and out, a big benefit to his clients.

Limiting his practice to Los Angeles Courts, allows Norwalk Criminal Lawyer Anthony A. Arzili to have daily interaction with the prosecutors and judges in his “home turf”.  The daily interaction with these courts allows Attorney Anthony Arzili to forge strong relationships with the top decision makers and give his client’s the “Local Attorney Advantage.”

Honesty and Dedication 

Norwalk Criminal Defense Attorney Anthony Arzili takes pride in the personal attention he provides each client.  Anthony treats each client with the dedication and attention that they deserve.  He realizes that being charged with a crime can be devastating, and that’s exactly when you need not only a lawyer but an advocate.  He is committed to providing answers to tough questions, and hope when none seems to exist.

The biggest complaint against attorneys is that they never return phone calls and can never be reached.  Norwalk Criminal Defense Lawyer Anthony Arzili prides himself on keeping his client informed at all stages of the proceedings.  He is personally dedicated to returning emails and phone calls every day.

Experience and Reputation

Criminal Defense is a very complicated, highly specialized area of law. Don’t trust your future to someone who juggles many areas of law. Attorney Anthony Arzili’s focus has always been exclusively on Criminal Defense and nothing else.

Attorney Anthony Arzili has helped over a thousand people with their criminal problems and finished each one with a hand shake and a satisfied client. Attorney Anthony Arzili has handled all misdemeanors and all felonies.   His success and talents have culminated in Anthony Arzili being selected as a Super Lawyers Rising Stars for 2011.  This is an honor that is only bestowed upon the top 2.5% of California Lawyers under 40.

Norwalk Criminal Attorney Anthony Arzili’s expertise in Criminal Defense has earned him lectureships, such as the “Sex Crimes Symposium, Defending Sex Crimes” at California State University at Fullerton. Mr. Arzili also has lectured to the largest criminal defense firm in California on subjects such as “Handling Domestic Violence matters”, “Ethics and the Law” and “Jury selection”.

Finally, Mr. Arzili had the privilege to serve as a Judge Pro-Tem for the Los Angeles Superior Courts from 2005-2011.